The Life I Once Lived – Going Back to Work

I’m going back. Back to bagged breakfasts and lunches. Back to dry clean only. Back to back-to-back meetings. Back to nine-to-five. Back to a life I once lived.

I am going back to work.

My year of maternity leave is now over and I will head back to my office job downtown. I still don’t know how this happened. I still don’t know how my two worlds will become one: a life I once lived and my life now.


You see, my demands for going back to work were quite lengthy both from my employer and for my child. I truly believed they would not be met and that I would be watching “Suits” and baking pies for the rest of my child rearing days – in addition to tending to the ceaseless needs of a child and home. But all the details for work presented themselves and with prayer, counsel and choice, my two worlds will morph into a life I’ve not yet lived.

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Am I nervous? Of course. Nervous is my middle name. Did I think I would go back to work? Nope.  Do I doubt my work competency? YES. Do I have a vision for how my family’s day-to-day will run? Nope. Is it like me not to have a plan? Never. Am I taking a step in faith? Yup – and I am choosing to trust and take one step at a time down this new path.

“My Child, you can trust the Man who died for you. If you cannot trust Him, then whom can you trust?” You can trust the Man that died for you. You can trust Him to thwart each plan that should be stopped and to complete each one that results in His greatest glory and your highest good. You can trust Him to lead you down the path that is the very best in this world for you.  –  J.H.M. [selected].

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Related scripture: Romans 6:13, Psalm 78:72, Isaiah 49:11


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