The Journey of Simplifying

“I am too busy”

“With life nowadays”

“I need to reign in my spending”

“I have not time”

“I am beyond exhausted”

“I need to plan and organize more”

  “I can’t keep up”

Sadly, not only have I said all of these things regularly and recently, I hear the same things floating around me wherever I go. Life is so full, who can keep up?

Whenever tensions run high and my husband and I simply cannot connect, we look at our calendars. We start cutting activities out of our schedule in hopes of spending more time together and communicating better. For some reason this doesn’t seem to work. It isn’t enough.

Although I have some methods to my daily madness, I have discovered that the only way we can stay on the path toward simplifying our life, is through purpose – why do we want to simplify and what does this mean to us? Rather than only changing habits, we are examining our hearts.

We want to simplify:

  • To be more generous with our time and money
  • To spend time building relationships and investing in what really matters
  • To be flexible and have for room for plans to fail or alter
  • To protect, preserve and promote our health
  • To connect to God and others
  • To be balanced
  • To have time to be creative, discover and enjoy life

Over the next few weeks, as we align our behaviours with our beliefs, I will keep you updated on how we are choosing to simplify and why. I won’t have all the answers and simplifying isn’t a one-size fit all approach, but I hope you can be motivated to move beyond “busy, busy” to a more fulfilled life, and if (when) busy, being busy for the right reasons.


“I have given you exactly what you need to be and do what I need you to be and do. Trust Me in this. All I am is asking is for you to manage it on My behalf.”

– Dr Henry Schorr

A few resources:

Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll

Simplify Your Time by Marcia Ramsland

Pursue Generosity by Dr. Henry Schorr

Simplify by Bill Hybels


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    October 23, 2014 / 6:23 am

    Looking forward to this … a lot 😉

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