Tunes to get you into the Spirit

Each family has their own collection of Christmas music which brings them back to days of yore. I still remember driving in our rusty red Mercury to Grandma and Grandpa Johnston’s for Christmas dinner while listening to “Grandma got Run over by a Reindeer” on the radio and thinking it was the funniest thing I had ever heard (and re-singing it to poor Grandma Edith over and over again, not comprehending WHY Grandma got run over by a reindeer).

I didn’t realize my family of origin’s Christmas music was a little kooky until my first year of marriage when my husband (for the benefit of the doubt, unknowingly) crushed my Christmas spirit after I introduced him to the following song/album list:

  1.  Raffi’s Christmas


  1. Nsync Home for Christmas


  1. Honky Tonk Christmas

Alank Jackson

  1. Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas

amy grant



What music is on your family’s Christmas playlist? Keep me updated 🙂


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