Boden Fashion Finds

What a great opportunity to be a guest on! It’s always fun to find a blogger, especially a Canadian blogger, who has similar tastes in food and fashion.

Today, I wanted to highlight a brand that is overlooked in the Canadian market. Have any of you ever heard of Boden? This is an underexplored online shop with a strong presence in the UK. They have a fun, polished, swinging-sixties feel, with bold patterns, quality fabrics and classic designs. There are a few Boden items which I prioritize: eclectic outerwear, unique shoes and party-approved dresses.

My best friend and I (seriously, do I ever have a post without @lavenderandvanilla in it?) send each other links back and forth with our fave items of the season and our wish lists. We debate over whether an item is over the top, too much like everything else we own in our closets, or simply a “must-have-now-eek-can’t-wait!”  As I am a plain-Jane, classic-Jack gal who loves sprig of flare, Boden fits the ticket. I often invest in a wardrobe that aligns with my conviction to live simply (i.e. finances), but at the same time, allows me to express my happy-go-lucky heart. Life was meant to be in Technicolor (even thought I am totally crushing on many monochromatic schemes lately!).

If this doesn’t convince you to check them out, then you will absolutely swoon once you see their Mini/Baby Boden line. I am a firm believer in letting kids look, play and act like kids. I love the playful ruffles, zig-zag stripes and cheery polka dots. In England, many children where bloomers with thick tights and I have adopted this look for my toddler… even though it is not the most practical fashion choice for -30 degree weather, but let’s get real here, who actually leaves the warmth of their home when it’s that cold?

Take a look at Boden meets Canada!

boden 2

West Minister Rainy Day Mac Jacket (Boden), Pants (Boden, similar and here),
Toque (Target, similar here), Scarf, (Boden, similar here) Boots (Boden, similar  here)

Boden westminster

Boden 3

boden photoshoot

baby boden

(And a little sneak peak of Baby Boden style – another Boden post to follow!)


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