Product Comparison – Essential Oil Diffusers

It took me three essential oil diffuser purchases to finally find “the one”. With each diffuser, I created a mental list of pros and cons for my next purchase. One thing to note, is that each diffuser will meet a different need – whether practical or aesthetic. Meaning, my list might be different than yours. Below, I will outline the three diffusers I have and what I now look for in a diffuser:

Stylish appearance: ability to integrate diffuser into home decor.

Diffusing duration: diffuser’s ability to run overnight while someone is sick. For me, a minimum of 6 hours is important.

Interval diffusing: the option to have it run on (for example) 15 minutes, and off for 15 minutes.

Light: light that can be turned completely off so that I can sleep while the diffuser is running.

Water tank: easy maintenance (to clean) and simple to refill water.

The Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser – $59.99 (USD)

The Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser

This is by far the best bang for your buck and my favourite diffuser. I actually was able to buy mine (brand new) through a gal on Facebook  for $68.00 CDN. That was a steal of a deal. I love everything about this diffuser. I can move it from room-to-room without it spilling or toppling over. I like the slick contours and the simple design. The lid comes on-and-off easily and securely. The light, although it does not turn completely off, can be turned toward I wall (or for me toward my alarm clock) and the problem is solved. It diffuses for a long period of time which is ideal for cold and flu season.

*Other retailers in/ship to Canada:,,,

*Other retailers in the US: Kohl’s, Zulilly 

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  • Large water tank
  • Interval function (10 min on, 20 min off), it can last for up to 24 hours in this mode
  • Normal function lasts for ~6-8 hours
  • Stylish design
  • Very quiet
  • Automatic shut off


  • Small amount of light emits from the on/off button


 The Dew Diffuser – $54.99 (CDN)

the dew diffuser

This was my first diffuser which I am still quite happy with overall. For the price point and the ease of use, I would easily buy another and reccomend it to others for a run-of-the-mill, no fuss, good quality diffuser.


  • Holds 80 ml of water
  • Quiet
  • Light which can change colours and be dimmed (could be like a night light for children)
  • Automatic shut off
  • Operating time ~6 hours
  • Easy to transport


  • I would prefer a run time of ~8 hours
  • The light is still to bright even when turned off (my biggest peeve, as I mentioned, I like to sleep with the diffuser on)
  • Not very pretty


Doterra Lotus Diffuser – $89.95 (US)


I would not recommend this diffuser to anyone. I was drawn to its perceived beauty, but for a price point of ~$90, I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. It is not user friendly, sturdy nor that attractive. (It got less attractive as I decided I liked it less and less.)


  • Attractive and I would easily leave it sitting out in my living room
  • Automatic shut off
  • Quiet


  • Knocks over easily
  • Doesn’t run for a long time (does not fit goal of leaving on overnight)
  • Runs for one hour at time (but can be reset three times, totalling 3 hours)
  • Difficult to fill water tank and frustrating to clean (it seriously is so hard to open, take little cap thing off, fill without spilling, and place the cap on perfectly)
  • Expensive


I hope you find this helpful. What do you look for in an essential oil diffuser? What brands or models do you like and why? Leave your comments below!


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