Bump date – Pregnancy – Week 4&5

Week 4&5 – Nothing too notable.  I feel like I am waiting for the hormonal bomb to go off at any minute: crazy forehead acne, sore boobs, insanely tired, mad migraines, supersonic olfactory senses and whacky food and temperature aversions. But compared to last pregnancy, I feel like I have time to prepare for the proverbial first trimester war.

Positive pregnancy annoucement

  • I have been communicating to my hubby that his days are numbered before he will become the sole caregiver to our energetic toddler and taking over all household duties.
  • I have been nesting: crafting gifts, cleaning out the car, tidying bathrooms, sorting through closets, selling unused items on kijijiji, baking breakfasts and preparing freezer meals.
  • I have prepared for the worst, with both massage and acupuncture appointments lined up to ward off nausea and migraines.
  • I have resolved to increase my activity level and have made fitness classes a priority. Because by next week, I assume I will doze off on the couch with macaroni and cheese in hand, with a toddler running around naked, before the thought of moving ever crosses my mind.
  • I have been skipping nap time. Clearly, I need to iron all the linens, buy a rug and purchase all birthday gifts on my list from now until June.
  • I have been a crazy intense pregnant drill sargeant.


  • Bananas and nectarines


  • None so far


  • I know I am pregnant way sooner


  • Too soon to tell

In conclusion, just a few things to look forward to for first time moms and dads! The good thing is, once you hit the third trimester, the intense A-type inclined folks become less A-type by opting for nap times and take out meals.