The Best Hostess Gifts on a Budget for March 2015

Looking for a great hostess gift? I found some great trinkets at Superstore (Canadian store) this month. They have some fun, fresh colours for Spring – teal, peach, grey and yellow – and I for one am craving a change in season! I was tempted to hoard all these goodies for myself, but I thought I should pass these fabulous finds onto those I love most.

As I head on my travels, I like to have a few gifts in my back pocket to pas around.  Superstore has great seasonal home decor and accessories – napkins, ceramics, mugs, tea towels … all at a bargain of a price and en-trend designs. So whether you want to send a little thank you to someone who has helped you out, encourage someone with a little treat, or simply ensure you and your friends are all baking cupcakes with perfect polka dot wrapping – Superstore will not disappoint!

Gift giving can be taboo in our day in age: either you need to spend hundreds of dollars buying an extravagant gift (or wine… or flowers …. or vase …) or you are not to give gifts at all because it makes others feel uncomfortable and indebted. Especially if is an over-the-top gift which the recipient could never reciprocate. (Yes, I agree. Parents are exempt from this. Thanks for spoiling me Mum and Dad!). Here is where everyday, fun and decorative household accessories are a win. You won’t break the bank, the recipient can simply enjoy gifts as thoughtfulness and who doesn’t love a a new spatula every now and again? (Yes, I melt spatulas. My husband is still trying to get me to use the wooden spoons when I make stir-frys. But, I am just drawn to polka dots, what can I say?)

Here is a pice list of the items pictured below:

  • Tea towels – $6
  • Cupcake liners – $2
  • Spatulas $4
  • Napkins $3
  • Mug $4
  • Stacking measuring cups/bowls $8


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