Bumpdate – Pregnancy – Week 10&11

Pregnancy – Week 10&11: I don’t know why, but I have been very nauseous this week. I thought this was supposed to get easier over time – not worse! I really feel like a wuss. I don’t know how I did “this” before. This week, I am getting ready for our great adventure across the pond.Packing, packing, packing! In the words of my efficient German husband, “travel light, travel fast”. (Lo’ and behold, he has never travelled alone with a baby/toddler like I have a great many times.) We are going visit my big brother and his family in England and then off to Germany to visit Oma to attend my lovely sister-in-law’s wedding.

Cravings - Tim Horton's soup

This week’s life update: 

  • First ultra-sound this week. I was devastated to have my due date moved back. I can’t handle another day of first trimester! [Insert self pity here.]
  • Going to the home and garden show with my mum which is a much needed distraction
  • Hired a cleaning lady because I can’t cope


  • TART frozen yoghurt. I want yoghurt, not ice cream!! (I went for a frozen yoghurt run last week in my pyjamas, at 9 p.m., to find out they didn’t have plain frozen yoghurt. I literally almost cried.)
  • My cravings are so intense this pregnancy. With pregnancy #1, I hated all food. Now, I am very clear on what I do/do not want.
  • Timmy’s soup – I just can’t decide. Turkey or vegetable?