Bumpdate – Pregnancy – Week 12

Pregnancy – Week 12: We have arrived in England! What a thrill. My big brother, his lovely wife and his two kiddies, live in London. It is hard to have those you love live so far away, but I am glad it is just so “easy” to reconnect and pick up where we left off. I have always looked up to my big brother. He is one of those guys that can master anything. It’s quite frustrating really, but I admire his passion. Snowboarding, mountain biking, preaching and teaching, studies, guitar (any instrument really: banjo, drums, piano … just to name a few), weightlifting, skateboarding, wake boarding, loving his little girls, excelling in his job – he leads in all these areas and does it with great heart. My Bro-seph jumps in with both feet and has continually grown into a man of gentleness and grace. Who wouldn’t want a big brother like mine right next door??

luggage travel


baby wearing


This week’s life update: 

  • Nausea is dissipating
  • I can now drink coffee. With a jet lagged toddler, I would not survive without. My brother makes me a cup or two of nice strong brew twice daily.
  • London is AMAZING. My sister-in-law always knows the neatest activities and shops. She is totally hip and knows where all the fun is at. We took all the girlies to “the farm” in matching outfits and had a wonderful day yesterday. I can’t wait until my BFF (@lavenderandvanilla) and I can take our trip to London and enjoy all it has to offer. This might not be for another 10 years, but with my sister-in-law’s tips, we will have the best trip ever. Ever. Ever.Ever.


  • Sleep. Ha.
  • Cereal
  • Nuts, dried fruit and seeds


  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Strong perfumes


  • Gut is growing like a beast and I am not far along
  • I can eat and enjoy meat


  • I am pregnant

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