Bumpdate – Pregnancy – Week 14&15

Pregnancy – Week 14&15: Well, we did it. We are escaping the Canadian winter winds – yes, we still have snow here, yes, it is technically spring – to better shores. Mexican shores that is! I was able to convince [beg, complain, cry, argue, bully] my hubby into taking us on this little babymoon. He really deserves a getaway much more than I do and it will be nice for us to be pampered for a week. Even though this winter took a toll on my health, it also took a toll on our relationship as husbando was the sole caregiver for many days at a time while I was anti-social tucked away upstairs in my own world. The count down is on and I am very excited!

Please enjoy this work-bathroom selfie of the best quality… whoops.

14 weeks

 This week’s life update: 

  • Trying on maternity swimsuits is the world’s most daunting task. Especially at this stage of pregnancy, when the lumps and bumps are moving targets!
  • I have been doing well at going to my fitness classes. I don’t know what happened, but I can’t lift nearly as much weight as I used to! 
  • Finally got my hair cut and coloured. I now look less hobo-ish when I arrive at my parents doorstep in my pyjamas and puffy eyes at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings for breakfast.
  • Have you heard of PinkBlush Maternity? They are an online shop with some totally cute and affordable clothes! I ordered two dresses this weekend. [Side note: I have heard “size up” and don’t expect designer quality.]
  • Pure Anada has some amazing natural cosmetics that I have been testing out this pregnancy. I can’t wait to share some of my discoveries with you. (Current favourites: full coverage loose mineral foundation and natural mascara! EEK! I am still stunned at how affordable their make up is!)



  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Pickles
  • Salmon


  • Nausea still comes in waves, but is settling down.


  • I think I can feel the baby kick! I didn’t feel this until ~25 weeks last pregnancy!
  • I am way more tired even though I have hit the second trimester.

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