Gifts I am Giving – Ikea – May 2015

I always have my radar turned toward reasonably priced gifts. Giving gifts is my love language. I am not a good cook, I am not a good crafter, I am not a good take charge personality. But I do, however, like finding little trinkets to have on hand for those I love. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like being thought of and cared for with a little something special.

After an overly successful trip to Ikea, I was able to pick up quite a few items for hostess gifts, care packages and “just becauses”. This shopping venture also inspired this month’s “Gifts I’m Giving” post. I hope you enjoy!

(You generally will not find items over $50 on my gift lists. I love to give gifts, which means I give a lot. Which also means I can’t break the family budget or bank!). 

  1. Gardening gloves – $2.99
  2. Chocolate w lingon/blueberry flavor – $3.99
  3. Watering Can – $7.49
  4. Mini Green House – $18.74
  5. Pear lights outdoor table decoration – $4.99
  6. Geometric napkins – $3.99
  7. Floral wreath – $9.99
  8. Tea infuser – $3.50
  9. Raspberry beach towel – $14.99
  10. Pear cooler/lunch bag – $9.99 

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