This week’s life update: 

Me oh my – the bump decided to round itself out this past week. It is in full bump mode. I think the 6-7 months stage of pregnancy bump are the cutest, so I am going to try relish these next couple of months before the “I feel like a beached whale” stage hits.

Some not so fun pregnancy symptoms: sore tail bone and Braxton hicks. I still cannot believe how painful my tailbone has been. I finally got into my first chiropractor appointment to try settle things down a bit, but also to prepare my body for optimum delivery mode. My tailbone was where all my labour pain hit STRONG. I am hoping with some alignment, my body can do what it was built to do. The other not so fun symptom, Braxton Hicks. I didn’t get these until I was 30+ weeks with my last pregnancy. Not to mention, my Hicks are coupled with cramping this time around so I HAVE to listen to my body and take a break from whatever it is I am doing. How ANNOYING! I am a girl on the go – things to do, people to see, toddler to chase.

Belly button – out or in: Some days in, some days out-ish

Stretch marks: None that I know of yet …

Gender prediction: I don’t think I will ever give a straight answer to this. I was SO sure my daughter was going to be a boy. However, she is very much a girl. So I do no trust my judgement!

Sleep: OH MY GOODNESS! What happened to my ability to fall asleep in 10 seconds flat? Well, I could do this during the day, but I have found it so hard to fall asleep at bedtime. I don’t know if it’s the sun going down later, the heat, the belly, the general racing mind … AHHHHHHH. I am now opting to try and skip my ritualistic and sacred nap time to try salvage my night time sleep.

What I miss: Energy! And I have another 15 weeks to go …

What I am looking forward to: Wine. Mojitos. Seriously. I would love to relax in the evening with a little something, something. (Does this make me sound like a booze hound?)

Maternity clothes: I’ve been in gym clothes and sweats a lot this week. However, I did sport my PinkBlush maternity kimono once over these past two weeks and all I can say is: Well done, Dallas. That was a phenomenal purchase.

Nesting: I don’t have energy to nest, but my mind races about all the things I “should” do… I am sure I will be back to nesting mode by next week!

To dos: Send a post-dated cheque to the birthing centre to reserve a spot! Whoops …


  • Lemonade
  • Watermelon
  • Ginger kombucha 
  • Sweet … and then I need salty right after
  • … and there is always room for ice cream …. am I right?


  • Garlic – not as bad as before, but I definitely stay away from it if I can
  • Sweet eats in the mornings

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