Toddler Room – Decisions, Decisions!

My poor husband. I have gone back and forth about how to re-do the current guest room into a fun, fresh, toddler bedroom. There are so many fun ideas on Instagram and Pinterest these days, that I just don’t even know where to start! It doesn’t help that I’ve committed to waiting until “the basement project” is underway before undertaking another home renovation (or refresh in this case!). I still haven’t finished putting back together “the bathroom refresh project” which was supposed to tide my creative energies over until the basement was in a good place. However, my nesting instincts are in over drive and I can barely eat, sleep or  carry on with every day life until this decision has been made! This wouldn’t be such an issue, if each of my ideas weren’t so different one from the other! (Or, if wallpaper weren’t so expensive…)

To help me sort through my thoughts, I often blog. So, this post is no different. I will post my top idea here and hopefully you will have some feedback. As always, staying on budget is a crucial element and another major factor in my decision making process. Budgets can also equal opportunities to get creative! So, I am trying not to shy away from this prospect either.

(For other toddler room ideas I’ve had, check out my Pinterest page here.)

Bunk Beds

I think I have settled on these Bunk Beds from We have plenty of guests passing through our home and optimum sleeping arrangements are part of my wish list. These beds can disassemble into two separate twin beds, which I consider a definite bonus! (They are $499 CAD, not including mattresses.)

White bunk beds



I was determined to spend an obscene amount of money on wall paper for this room. There are so many beautiful designs these days, but I felt a deep conviction to let this wallpaper idea go. And with that, I have fallen in love with a new pastel and navy colour palette. I don’t know how I will combine all of these ideas together, but it is a definite starting point! For now, I am thinking of doing:

a) Light mint green walls

b) Light mint green on three walls, and 1 wall with geometric pastel shapes

c) Light mint green walls and one feature wall (or feature wall area) with navy or black chalk paint. (I am currently leaning more toward this idea … today …)

I am terrible at choosing paint. So this is completely overwhelming! Wish me luck! I guess a trip to Benjamin Moore is in order …

Mood Board

Here is a little peek into what is going on in my mind and my toddler room world! Let’s see if this will be similar to what the outcome is like. And if not, I will consider it a successful starting point!

Pastel and navy mood board 


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