Type-B Summer Lovin’

Tired. I am just plain ol’ tired these days. So much so, that I regularly fall behind on my every day tasks let alone the disarray of my ambitious projects. There are home decor pieces I want to tackle, recipes I want to recreate, sites of the city I want to see, and friends I want to meet and enjoy. However, to my dismay, listening to my body has taken over this Type A’s  driver’s seat. Usually in the form of naps and eating too much ice cream once my Little is in bed.

“I have had to readjust my vision and preach to my own heart about what is of most value and most pleasing to my God over these next 8 weeks of summer or  maybe even these final 13 weeks of pregnancy.”

My new goal and focus for this workless (currently unemployed) season is to enjoy my daughter and summer as much as possible. Summer is too short here to waste on endless to dos, floors, bathrooms, laundry, and even enjoyable commitments and routine – they can take the bench for a while as we choose to be present and mindful. I guess you could say, I am learning to simplify again and again …

coffee and journal

toddler beach fun

selfie sunglasses 

What you will see us doing this summer:

  • Beachin’ at the community lake
  • Eating ice cream
  • Going to bed dirty
  • Using one bathroom (so I don’t have to clean the other two. Ha.)
  • Wearing shorts inside out (to limit laundry)
  • Laughing … maybe until we cry because our feet get stuck to our dirty floors …
  • Napping on mall benches (air conditioning is a luxury)
  • Unkempt hair (time is of the essence, no time to waste on perfect curls)
  • BBQ (simple meals and keeping the house cool are a top priority

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