This week’s life update:   


31 weeks


31 weeks

I am surprised this update is being posted this week. I am doing the bare minimum with life these days. Appointments, gym, work (one day a week), laundry, clean, cook and nap. It has felt almost impossible to get ahead of anything – let alone write a blog post! As you can tell, my photography sessions have come to a halt, and I find myself scrambling on my iPhone for a semi-decent picture of “the bump” to accompany the story of the week. But, I do what I can. I feel like I am keeping my priorities straight if I have dinner on the table, clean clothes on my “dependents”, a reasonably tidy house, frequent naps and a few play dates for my toddler.

A few pregnancy related updates:

  • This pregnancy, feel suffocated by my own diaphragm.  Anyone else feel this way? My meals have had to become smaller but more frequent. I am looking forward to this baby “dropping” in a few weeks to create some space to breathe. 
  • I have had intense cravings this pregnancy. Out of the blue, my cravings have significantly decreased in intensity and items. This is a relief!
  • My skin is still very clear. If you have to waddle, it’s a relief to have a bit of a glow!
  • Despite my previous desire to have my roommate vacate my stomach as soon as possible (see last post), I feel like I have started to re-embrace this pregnancy. After all, big change will come in September, and I think that very fact has me both nervous and excited. Choosing to be present is not east!

Belly button – out or in: I have no words. I don’t know WHAT “this” is at the moment.

Stretch marks: None to date.

Gender prediction: Baby.

Baby names: Back to the drawing board, we vetoed each other’s names. This child might be nameless.

Sleep: Sleep is hit and miss. Some nights I feel like I’ve had the best sleep of my (pregnant) life, other nights I toss and turn incessantly. And some nights, I am an insomniac. I can tell you one thing, there is never enough of it.

What I miss: Normal pants. It really is the little things …. 

What I am looking forward to: My old room mate coming to visit for the long weekend!

Maternity clothes: At this stage of pregnancy, I no longer buy maternity clothes. I have even had to put some of my second trimester pieces back into my maternity wear bin. I am loving tank tops and shorts!

Aches and pains update (aka complaining): Surprisingly, not too much to complain about other than that I think my ribs might bend and explode. There is no more room in there, Kid!

Nesting: So, there are lots of things I want to do to nest. Mainly, freezer meals. However, I find getting dinner on each night a feat, so how will I ever get ahead?! Oh well. My husband is nesting for the both of us at the moment. If I didn’t have a fire under my seat before, I do now! I feel pressure to get my own to do list done (with very little energy) as well as his priorities, too. I might end up in the looney bin with all the projects we’re trying to complete before Baby #2 arrives! I hope to provide a “Baby Check List” for all you moms out there. I can’t believe how quickly I have forgotten what the first few months are like! So, I thought I better write a list. I heart lists!


  • Raspberries and peaches with greek yogurt before bed.
  • Nachos and cheese.
  • The ability to sleep standing up.

To dos: Sooooooo my list of to dos is way too long and I might get overwhelmed listing them here. But, I will list a few anyway:

  •  Pack hospital bag and review birth plan UPDATE: This did not happen yet. Oops.
  • Choose paint for H’s room UPDATE: In progress
  • Buy gluten free cinnamon buns to fulfill craving UPDATE: This was fulfilled and enjoyed.
  • Sort through all “Baby” boxes UPDATE: Complete!
  • Review baby names
  • Make freezer meals



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