This week’s life update:

32 weeks pregnant

Despite being told I am the biggest pregnant one has every seen and questions regarding the size of my large baby, I have found my niece’s comments the most endearing, for example, “Auntie Dallas, I like your big belly with the Baby inside.” If you’re going to call me big, at least qualify it with some sort of positive affirmation!   


This past week signified two major milestones: 1) eight years of marriage to my handsome, hardworking husband and 2) the second birthday of my daughter. I am an emotional wreck! When did marriage start to become such a place of deeply rooted security, trust and love, and motherhood a place of proud identity and purpose? I am blessed.

2 year old friends

Gender prediction: This week, thinking girl.

TV Shows: “The Delivery Man” on Netflix. It is a British sitcom about a cop who becomes a midwife. I love the maternity humour!

Baby names: We have a few names added to the list that we agree upon. I found some great baby name books at the library, I just need to create a short list. Ironically, the hubby and I have reverted back to many of the names from the list we generated with our first Baby!

Sleep: Plenty of energy these past two weeks! I had ONE nap in 9 days. Impressed? However, I am now back to napping and consider this time sacred. I had such a streak of energy, you’d think I was giving birth tomorrow.

What I miss: Bending over easily. Today, when I was changing the watering hose attachment, I just wanted to be able to reach a little bit further and was gravely dismayed by my inability. All in all, I have started to feel my mobility go down the drain, but with a good squat, I can get into lots of small places.

What I am looking forward to: Using my new steam mop. My newborn will be able to eat off these floors! (Because that matters, right?)

Maternity clothes: I found a cute navy striped skirt from the Gap that I thought I could also wear post-partum. When I tried my usual size small on, I didn’t realize my rump had also grown in roundness. It was… Way. Too. Tight. Size medium, here we come!

Aches and pains update (aka complaining): I think I have a stretched ligament in my stomach. Odd? It feels like a bruise and is so strange!

Nesting: I haven’t been nesting much these past two weeks. We’ve been too busy with painting projects (technically nesting I suppose!) that I haven’t been able to get ahead of any other projects. 


  • Raspberries and peaches with greek yogurt before bed.
  • Dried pineapple
  • Perrier lime – I love citrus this pregnancy!

To dos: Sooooooo my list of to dos is way too long and I might get overwhelmed listing them here. But, I will list a few anyway:

  • Pack hospital bag and review birth plan UPDATE: I created an “Ultimate hospital bag check list”  and I am now running around trying to complete it. Who am I kidding – I am mostly ordering things off Amazon.
  • Choose paint for H’s room UPDATE: We are in full painting mode at our house! My husband is a machine and has knocked out the basement in it’s entirety (except for the one wall to be wallpapered, but that’s my job!) and also primed H’s toddler room. I have helped, but my few strokes have been nothing in contrast to his dedicated work!
  • Review baby names UPDATE: We have a few more names added to the list. But nothing concrete as of yet!
  • Make freezer meals UPDATE: To be planned … I can’t have too much success in two weeks 😉

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