This week’s life update: 

35 weeks

I am currently sitting in bed being very cliche-ly pregnant. I finally picked up some tart frozen yogurt for “supper” at 9 p.m. as my husband is enjoying a well-deserved guys night out while I watch Netflix and blog.

This week has been full. My brother and his family have been visiting from England and my daughter (and I!) has been enjoying all her family time. She and her three-year-old cousin get along so well it makes my heart melt. My heart is already grieving their departure, but overjoyed with thanksgiving for this time together: family dinners, mornings at Nana’s, petting zoo adventures, coffees, giggles and lake days (or as my one niece would say, the “sea side”).

We have also finished a few projects around the house: Hazel’s room has been painted, her Ikea furniture has been assembled and her transition into a “big girl bed” has begun. For the new guest room, I  hired a professional to hang my gorgeous Oh Joy! wall paper and my husband completed more details than I am aware of for our basement. The carpet will be installed (hopefully) next week! According to my hubby, I am sure he would say once the carpet is in, the baby can come anytime.

Toddler room wall

Feature wall in toddler room


Basement in progress

Guest room

Guest room feature wall with Oh Joy! wall paper

 Pregnancy-wise, I am so tired. SOOO tired. My night time sleep has been very disrupted with hot flashes, stuffed nose episodes and general pregnancy discomfort. Funnily enough, I get so excited that I might be going into labour, that the sheer delight causes me to stay awake! Needless to say,  I have been enjoying my fair share of Netflix binges between 1-3:30 a.m. Needless to also say, I am a wreck in the morning post-delight.

Gender prediction: Girl.

Movies: This week, I watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” on Netflix … at 2:00 a.m… It was wonderfully sweet. The movie has a star cast of British actors who can no longer afford to retire in their native England and escape to a “retirement” hotel in India.  I don’t want to tell you more and spill the beans which I tend to do – so check it out!

Baby names: Back to the drawing board. We have taken a few names off the list again …

Sleep: Oh dear, Lord. Please let me sleep. Oh please! As I mentioned above, I am wreck. And when I don’t sleep, I feel extremely irritable.

What I miss: Being productive and/or napping during my daughter’s nap time. And wine. OHHHHH WINE!

What I am looking forward to: The decor I bought in the US for Hazel’s room to arrive! I bought some really cute wall decor from Hanna Andersson and can’t wait to finish up some final details.

Maternity clothes: I bought a cute, long black dress from Gap Maternity. At least I thought it was cute. Until my husband called me a monk. It is roomy and comfortable for these last weeks! So Hunny, Monk it is until this baby arrives!

Aches and pains update (a.k.a. complaining): My stretched ligament in my stomach isn’t as sore as last week, but my ribs are squished and cause some discomfort. My tailbone mostly hurts after being active all day, and then I get excited that I am going into labour …. ha.

Nesting: I have prepped a few soups and Paleo “loafs” for the freezer, but not enough for my liking! I would like that freezer to BURST open due to copious, pre-planned and delicious contents.

Supplements: In addition to all the other prenatal supplements and vitamins that most of us take while pregnant, I picked up EZ birth, Arnica and Evening Primrose. I also have been trying to remember to drink my Red Raspberry leaf tea, which hasn’t happened as regularly as I would like.

Stretch marks: None to date.

Workouts: I have mainted my weight lifting class Mondays and Fridays (I give the instructor quite the scare each time I show up!) and I try go for a walk/waddle/jog/wog with Hazel once a week, usually on Thursdays.


  • Peaches
  • Popcorn
  • Perrier lime – I love citrus this pregnancy!
  • Ice cream – STILL

To dos: Sooooooo my list of to dos is way too long and I might get overwhelmed listing them here. But, I will list a few anyway:

  • Vacuum all the the sand out of my car
  • Wash and install bucket seat into my car
  • Transition items for the nursery into toddler bedroom room
  • Make sure house is in order daily …. ha. (I am paranoid the midwives will come to my house and it will be absolute CHAOS!)

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