Gluten free meal planning

Gluten free meal planning

Gluten free meal planning

Gluten free meal planning

Another week, another 1,000,000 meals prepared. Does anyone else feel that way? This week, we ordered in Vietnamese to make my life a little bit easier. When your 4 month old Baby Girl is a happy camper throughout the day, but a lost in the wilderness sleeper (read: doesn’t sleep at night), you need to cut yourself some slack. Serious slack. 

Another slacking area? We go out for lunch at Planet Organic every Wednesday after a trip to the gym. Hazel has crispy chicken and an apple, and I have a Phil and Sebastian’s cappuccino (and whatever else tickles my fancy that day!). What do you do to lend-yourself-some-sugar when the hustle is simply too much to handle?

Enjoy some gluten free recipes below!


Juli Bauer’s “sticky sesame teriyaki chicken” (pg. 84), steamed peas and cauliflower rice

Word to the wise: double the sauce!


Braised short ribs, roasted honey glazed carrots and roasted garlic mashed cauliflower.

This was a delicious recipe. I’ve never prepared short ribs before. They were VERY rich. Good, but a little too rich for my palette.


Vietnamese takeout – Mama is exhausted. (Feel free to insert this into your own meal plan!)


Paleo beef stroganoff and zoodles from Danielle Walker’s “Meals Made Simple“. (Here is another Paleo Stroganoff recipe that looks interesting!)

Not only do I love zoodles (zucchini noodles), I absolutely love Danielle Walker’s recipes. Check out her blog for more inspiration.


Danielle Walker’s Paleo  pizza and regular glutinous creamy pizza (for the Man of the house) and chopped fresh vegetable platter.

  • I absolutely love her pizza crust. I add garlic powder and rosemary to the crust for some extra “oomph”! 
  • Here is an additional Paleo pizza crust recipe. I like crusts that use coconut flour and arrow flour the best. 
  • Here is an additional glutinous pizza recipe.


Leftovers. (A sweet grace for this mother! I HEART leftovers.)


Sunday roast with neighbours included: baked root vegetables, rosemary potatoes, bread …

Don’t hesitate to leave some of your favourite recipes in the comment section below. For more meal inspiration, scoot over to my Pinterest page!


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