Reflections on turning 30 Reflections on turning 30 Reflections on turning 30 Reflections on turning 30 Reflections on turning 30

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For me, 30 is just a number. In my circle of friends, I’m one of the last to enter this decade. In some ways, I already feel like I’ve hit the big 3-0 as because the majority of my posse has already crossed the threshold. I took the last few months to reflect on what this milestone birthday really means to me. Naturally, in point  form of pros and cons: PROS

  • ID // I don’t get ID’ed at the liquor store. However, this also belongs on the con list because this means the store clerks, indirectly, assume I’m old an haggard. I’ve ALWAYS looked young for my age, but now I may as well be 40.
  • Confidence // I’m (more) comfortable in my own skin. I don’t panic as much about resumes and interviews, first introductions or how I look. I’ve had more than enough time to (mostly) accept/face my flaws: the way one of my eyes is always bigger when I smile, how I talk too fast, the fact that I don’t like driving on icy roads or that I’m not the first person you want on your math squad.
  • Sleep rules // Going to bed early is socially acceptable and napping is necessary. I weigh the risk of outings and events based on if I can catch up on sleep. Lame? No. Practical.
  • Drinking culture // Coffee is the drink of choice in the morning and wine in the evening. I need coffee to get me going and wine to slow me down.
  • Kids // If you have kids, people don’t think you’re 16 and pregnant and that you can look after yourself -and a baby – without being overly concerned. (I had someone at work ask me if I was old enough to have kids … I was 27 and had been married for 6 years!)
  • Food // Consuming food and drinks you like because you can afford it. Or, you  actually prefer your own cooking rather than someone else’s. My confidence in the kitchen is slowly growing and my desire for takeout (slowly) decreasing.
  • Adulting // Turning into my mom? Yup. More and more each year. And she is amazing I might add!
  • Respect //  I’m not bothered when people refer to me as “Mrs” and I dislike when young children call me by my first name.


  • ID // You don’t get ID’ed anymore.
  • Haggard // One word. Haggard. In your twenties, you can pull your hair up in a topknot and shmeer on some lip gloss and look runway worthy. Thirties? Nope. You just look ill. Eye cream and mascara are definitely required. Plus a hair brush. Plus getting dressed. Plus lip gloss.
  • Health // Bouncing back is hard. I slipped down the stairs and limped for a week. I’ve never iced a muscle in my body ever. Now? Ice. Advil. Repeat. The struggle is real. 
  • Vision // Near sighted? Far sighted? I need my eyes checked pronto.
  • Sleep rules // Napping is necessary. You want to get something done, but the slump hits hard and you crawl back under the covers.
  • Relationships // Making friends isn’t as easy. You’ve got to keep your ties strong.

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