Ice-cream cone garland     Ice-cream cone garland www.merrygolden.comIce-cream cone garland www.merrygolden.comIce-cream cone garland www.merrygolden.comIce-cream cone garland Summer is still here friends. Don’t go cutting yourselves short saying it’s almost gone! I’m hoping for an Indian summer that goes deep into September (or even December …) so that I can eat gallons more ice cream. Namely, Village Ice Cream’s earl grey and coconut flavours. Drool.

Speaking of ice cream, isn’t this ice cream cone garland just delicious? I have an extremely talented friend and neighbour who is the creator of all things crochet.

Shara, magic fingers and owner of Ivory and Wool, has learnt a lot since starting her own business five years ago. What was once an opportunity to supplement her income, became a creative passion and outlet. With only two dollars left in her bank account, she decided to take a deep dive into the crochet world and opened her own shop. Shara was relatively self taught, but has stamped her style and skill into all of her products with excellence.

When she’s not whipping up a pom-pom baby blanket (her favourite product) or a cozy pair of slippers, you’ll find her lost in an episode of Gilmore Girls with some vino in one hand and chicken wings in the other. Obviously, this created a perfect breeding ground for a friendship between the two of us! Not only that, but our mutual attraction to all things Scandi  made us kindred spirits.

Vino + Chicken Wings + Ikea = Awesome Friends

I love getting to know the maker behind small shops. I also love introducing the world to people I find inspiring and authentic. Shara is both. She is teachable, humble, laughs at all my jokes, disciplined and passionate about people. So much so, she’s going to give “all of my people” and opportunity to win this Ice Cream Garland! Enter below.

A few of my favourite Ivory and Wool items:

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