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I have some really good gift-givers in my life. Like really good. I am spoiled beyond measure because acts of service and gifts are my love languages, and when you have people who can love on you in your own language, your love tank can “runneth over”.

My BFF has such a knack for choosing niche and unique gifts. I sometimes hate the word unique because – yes – we’re all snowflakes and so is all art – but she really can truly find something that is different and special. She sent me some Loft Studios Design napkins and tea towels last year. I’ve used them a thousand times through and even force everyone to use the napkins and delight in their beauty while eating Vietnamese take out. I’m that mom/wife. 

I’ve also come to know Emma Zwissler a little bit more through this giveaway. She is an extremely hard worker and passionate creative renegade. Emma produces artisan textiles (pillow covers, throws, cushions, tea towels, etc.) with traditional hand printing and painting techniques on premium linen. She is a one woman show from painting to packaging. A true #girlboss in my opinion!  I love hearing about the creator’s behind the scenes life. We sometimes forget how human we all are, and how human locally-made goods are inspired by very human curators. I was able to interview Emma and find out a little bit more about Emma’s style and how she tackles gift giving.

How many people are on your team?
Loft Studios is and always has been a team of one! I founded this business 4 years ago in my shared studio apartment and even though I’ve moved to a larger print studio and ship orders around the world, I still print and package each piece by hand myself. 
How would you describe your style?
Graphic minimalism. I really try to stick to a subdued palette that can work well with a lot of different tabletop decor, whether it be the gold rimmed china you use for special occasions or the while ceramic plates you use everyday. I want my linens to be the thing that brings pattern and life to your tabletop, but not be so bold that you can’t use them for everyday living.

What do you look for when buying a gift?

I try to choose something that the recipient wouldn’t buy for themselves, but that suits their passions. I don’t necessarily mean that the gift should be an expensive item, but the gift should be a bit over-the-top and feel like a small luxury. One example might be a beautiful salt mill for your favorite at-home chef, or a set of hand printed linen napkins for a friend who loves to entertain!
 Why is this important to you?
Gift giving for me is about bringing joy to a loved ones everyday life, and maybe, if you’re lucky – to make them smile when they use the item and think of you. Practical gifts can achieve the same effect, but a small luxury has a certain whimsy that just can’t be beaten!
 A few of my favourite Loft Studios Design items:

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