Christmas www.merrygolden.comYes – coffee is my love language. And so is great interior design. Monogram has both (plus great staff!). The girls and I love venturing out to Monogram coffee for cappuccinos and babycinos for a mid-morning pick me up and photo op. Their bright white walls and understated industrial detail are an obvious spot for an impromptu photo shoot (my blogger friends, ya feel me?) … and did I mention they have to-die-for espresso?

One thing I love about MonogramCo, is that I leave feeling glad. Glad I came in. Glad I was able to connect. Glad I was inspired by beauty and design. Glad for a (really good) warm drink. I leave, either solo, with a friend or my mini tribe, feeling encouraged, refreshed and ready to face the next part of my day.

Monogram has become one of my favourite tourist attractions when one of my many guests visits Calgary. If you know me, I don’t need multiple coffees a day. In fact, I don’t even need coffee every day at all. I love coffee for what it represents – I love the ritual. Lingering, catching up with a good friend, devouring. This is exactly what I do at Monogram. 

Because I love this cafe so much, I thought I ought to share it with all my #yyc lovely ladies! (And obviously men, if any men read my blog, because my stats say men aren’t part of my current reach. Other than my dad. Hi Dad!) Monogram is giving away a set of their Emalco Mugs! Yippee!

What’s better than good coffee? Drinking coffee out of a Monogram Emalco mug!  #tellyofriends. To enter, head over to my Instagram account @merrygolden_ and tag two friends.

Follow @MonogramCo on Instagram for more coffee love! And check back each day to take part in my 10 days of Christmas giveaway!


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  1. Ruby Johnston
    November 26, 2016 / 11:15 am

    Can’t wait to go to Monogram Coffee! I checked out photos of the interior. Totally inviting. Completely attractive!

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