Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas www.merrygolden.comI wish I had skills. Mad calligraphy skills. Most people can’t even read my basic block letters which I would aptly call, “Le Chicken Scratch”.  Luckily, I stumbled upon “Parris Chic Boutique” where I fell in love with their handmade items and meaningful hand lettering. Alyssa, her hubby Dan, and her phenomenal team have curated the most beautiful home decor: pretty throw pillows, classic neutrals and all things calligraphy. 

When people enter my home, I want truth and hope to be met by both my words and deeds. I want friends to walk into my home and be surrounded by love and life. That’s why I chose this decorative blanket, “Live Simply” and this throw pillow, “He Makes All Things New”. Both reminders, admonishment, encouragement and hope in my day to day to pursue my priorities and to accept His grace.

One thing I always want my readers to know, is that I’m not pushing product for a pay cheque (you can read more about, How I won’t Sell My Should for a Pay Cheque here). The shops you see highlighted on my blog are shops, and more importantly, people that I believe in and want to support. The same goes for my relationship to Parris Chic Boutique. Just last week, I  bought five Christmas gifts from them as their product is easy to ship, meaningful and beautiful!  The PCB Team has kindly provided a giveaway for my readers.

Check out some of my favourite items below:

 For more home decor inspiration, check out Parris Chic Boutique’s Instagram, Blog and online Shop! To enter the giveaway, enter via my Instagram here.


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