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Minimalist jewellery? You have me wrapped around your little finger, JQ Vancouver!  I was first introduced to Chelsey Andrews’ necklace line during a Fall photoshoot with Adorn Boutique here in Calgary. The stylist selected the simple Antler necklace for me and it couldn’t have been more perfect for my simple, edgy style.

As I started to put together this gift guide, I couldn’t help but include Chelsey’s product as one of my favourite, very giftable items. For starters, I believe in living within my means. JQ Vancouver has quality product that fits within my budget with prices ranging between $15-35. Moreover, her jewellery is not only very giftable, but very ship-able! The majority of my family and friends love abroad, and I don’t like blowing my gifting budget on expensive  shipping. Necklaces? Easy-peasy to pop in the mail without a large postage penalty.

If I haven’t lured you in yet, another attraction to JQ Vancouver? An affinity to “making it simple, but significant” – my current anthem. I love connecting with people who are trying to slow down and calculate their priorities in a fastfoward world.

To enter my giveaway for the Antler necklace and the Crystal Quartz necklace as pictured above, head over to my Instagram @merrygolden_ !

Here are a few of my faves:

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