Simplicity. If I haven’t beat this drum enough, you know simplicity is a constant pursuit of mine. Not to simplify for simplicity’s sake, but simplicity in order to pursue generosity, faith, community and rest. 

 “Plaid & Paisley Littles Boutique” resonates with my desire to keep things simple and to invest in quality clothing. I’m not one of those people who likes having a closet bursting at the seams or mile-high piles of laundry. I’m sure my mom is laughing while reading this, because in my youth, I was definitely one of those “more is better” type people. Now? Less is definitely more. Clutter is the devil.

“Plaid & Paisley provides mamas with the simplicity of organic and ethically made baby/toddlers ware, while encompassing the Parisian approach of the capsule closet; less is more.”

The three sisters behind the brand were greatly influenced by the leading ladies in their lives – both mother and grandmother – who unknowingly practiced the Parisian art of intentionality of quality over quantity and treasured their most precious commodity: time. They knew that the capsule wardrobe saved time on laundry,  fighting over which 20 pairs of pink leggings to wear, and excess. 

What is the capsule wardrobe? In short, the capsule wardrobe focuses versatile, neutral basics – but that doesn’t mean an outfit can’t be polished and fun! Your Little can mix and match outfits for all occasions and even top it off with a crown or pop of colour with royal blue knee highs. Not sure where to start with your Little’s capsule wardrobe?  Plaid & Paisley has provided us with a closet check list and a $25 gift card giveaway on Instagram to get you started!

Here are a few of my faves:

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