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I met my husband 12 years ago and it just so happens, that we met on Vancouver Island (or an island off of Vancouver Island … but details-shmetails!). What a majestic place to start a friendship. Calm, beauty, nature, time and space.

Room to breathe, room for conversation, room for reflection, room to connect.

I look back on those years fondly. The years of who we once were and who we have become. The island shaped our lives and our hearts – and it has become a place of retreat and restoration for my growing family. We return time and time again to strengthen our ties and lighten our load.

Yes – we’re one of those old school families who still drive long distances with our kids. This past fall, we took a long haul car drive with both girls to Tofino. We drove through the night: one car puke, landslide road closure, torrential fog, Tim Horton’s pit stop and ferry ride later, we were on our way to our beloved coastal town – Tofino.

Our days consisted of:

  • breakfasting on fresh bread and Nutella
  • walking the beaches scouring sea shells
  • watching the brave surf the freezing waters
  • napping, (obvi)
  • reading and dancing (to Frozen #lifewithgirls)
  • enjoying the space for conversation and connection with my Love

I also came across Tofino Towel Co in one of the local shops and thought it was a genius idea. Towel, blanket and lounging device big enough for all of us to cuddle up on. Not only that, I’m so thankful it’s not tacky with some sort of Disney character or neon “beach” pattern. This towel also fits in my affordable, very giftable and sendable category when it comes to gift giving. It is versatile as a picnic blanket, couch throw, Christmas tree skirt, and still wipes you dry after a swim. Practical, pretty, and even philanthropic. Philanthropic? Yes – Tofino Towel Co runs on a “1% model” where they don’t %1 of their product to those in need, 1% of all profits to local non-profits and 1% of their employees time to the protection and enjoyment of the area.

I’ve partnered with Tofino Towel Co to giveaway a West Coast Round Towel to my followers. Head on over to my Instragram @merrygolden_ to enter. Be sure to check out @tofinotowelco’s shop and Instagram page.

Tofino Towel Co favourites:


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