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I love aesthetics: decadent cakes, tasteful interiors, intentional fashion and great hair. But I’ve always felt a little lost in the beauty department. I definitely appreciate good mascara and a long lasting lip gloss, but now that I’m in my thirties, I’m ready to take care of my face. Sleepless nights and a difficult pregnancy have not been kind to my skin. (Post-partum acne, bags under my eyes and a general look of confusion.)

My mom has graced me with lots of knowledge over my almost 31 years. Like how to lose your phone in the fridge and that chipped nail polish is a sign of poor hygiene (wink-wink), but she has also set me up for success beauty-wise, too.

Here are three beauty-full principles that my mom passed on to me:

  1. Don’t over tweeze your eyebrows. Glad I listened to this because they’ve thinned with age! (Microblading anyone?)
  2. Don’t over do it. Don’t cake it on, less is more.
  3. You’re more than your face and your body. My mom has always tried to instil the fact that your character is what matters most.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t wear much make-up in my teens. I’d borrow my mom’s concealer for any zits that might erupt and I really only wore mascara consistently when I was 17. There was truth in her promptings!

I’m one of those crazies who use high-concentration vinegar to clean my house and basil oil to treat ear infections. Yup – I’m natural product advocate. In my search for beauty-full, I ‘ve had three goals: the products must be free from chemicals, high quality (that could compare to my previous Tarte and MAC cosmetics) and maintainable. This is where Beauty Counter comes in.

After eyeing Beauty Counter for over three years in the US, it finally launched in Canada this past spring and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic.

Swapping my drug store mascara for one sans parabans, ditching my ever-so-necessary-post-partum foundation for a skin tint foundation and finally starting a skin care regimen with a charcoal face mask.  I’m learning how to be friendlier to my face and finding ways to enhance what I have.

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What beauty secrets did your mother impart to you? Comment below!


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