Legit reasons why you should join my team:

  • Mentorship. We will basically be BFFs. I will mentor so you can reach your goals. You’re not left alone to figure it all out. And I think I’m a pretty sweet BFF … I want you to succeed.
  • Mission. We have an awesome mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Through education, influence and speaking out against the lack of legislation in the industry.
  • Women. Women supporting women. We are each others greatest community and asset. I dig that. Let’s empower one another to protect our bodies and health. (No one else will do this for us or our families!)
  • Income. Whether you’re looking for an enhanced shoe budget or  to replace a full- or part-time income, that’s possible. This is a legit job. Other educators get paid, why can’t we? #weworkhardforchange
  • Fun. I love my job. This isn’t your grandma’s party (unless your grandmas was as amazing as mine). I get to meet with friends and women over coffee, online and with champagne. And no stress? Yup. Well. A bit. I talk really fast and that stresses me out.

Did I tell you I love my job? Well I do! I get to work from home, chat with friends, make new friends, and simply share every day life. I’m a community-oriented person at heart, so I love fostering relationships and just living life.

I work for a start-up out of Santa Monica called, BeautyCounter. They’ve been active in Canada for about a year and I  had to join this awesome mission once the opportunity presented itself in the form of a sweet friend and my now BeautyCounter mentor. (You can read more about my journey here). You’ve probably heard me rant and rave about my love for activated charcoal and my need for intensive eye cream that hides the bags under my eyes from these wonderfully-intense mothering years. BeautyCounter not only produces a product that is counter cultural (we ban over 1,500 toxins!), we act counter culturally, too. In my world, actions speak louder than words. We are active in the communities in which we live and work and we visibly lobby for change. Our CEO has worked hard to secure a seat in Congress (USA) and Canada isn’t far behind as we march forth this March to meet with local members of Parliament to voice our need for stronger regulation in the beauty industry.

“Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (including, but not limited to, asthma, cancer, and infertility) are on the rise, due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals—whether it’s in the shower, on our commute, while we eat lunch at a local restaurant, or when we clean our kitchens at home.”

Why do we need stronger legislation you might ask? Look at these stats:

  • In their lifetime, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer.
  • A woman uses approximately 12 products a day, which can equate to over 100 different chemicals being absorbed into our bloodstream. Many of which are toxic chemicals. (Parabens, pthalates, formaldehyde, Retinyl palmitate and Retinol)
  • Eighty percent of ingredients in our personal care products have never been assessed for human safety.
  • Today, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer; 40 years ago, it was 1 in 20.
  • Of the women diagnosed with breast cancer today, 90% do not have a mutation in the BRCA gene, the gene most commonly associated with breast cancer.
  • The European Union bans/restricts nearly 1,400 toxic chemicals, while the United States bans only 11.
  • There are 85,000-plus chemicals on the market, with thousands being added annually.
  • There has not been a significant federal law passed governing the personal care industry in the U.S. since 1938.

We are disrupting the market place. Amen? Amen! Let’s not just disrupt it, let’s shake it off the Richter !

Why join the movement now?

There are only ~1,300 consultants in Canada. Seriously. That’s it and we have a population of 36.6 million. We have the opportunity to educate and influence millions of families across the nation. Whether it’s our product or organic coconut oil – BeautyCounter provides a platform to do so. There is so much work to be done and little by little we can do it!

What questions or objections do you have? I’d love to answer them all. I’ve also heard them all, here are a few listed below. If these are your objections, let’s chat more! Have a different one? I bet I’ve heard it!

  • Is this an MLM? Woof. Heck no. I’d love to tell you more. But FYI – MLM schemes are illegal.
  • I don’t have time! Me neither. I’m just doing regular life – people are genuinely interested.
  • I don’t have enough money to invest! An $85 tax write off? I will help you find the money! You don’t need a billion products to start out!
  • I’m not a sales person! I’m not a sales person, I’m an oversharer. I love giving things away, too much … hehe! But the product performs and sells itself. Seriously. I’m the worst sales person. But I loving telling people about products I love! (Speaking of which, Costco has an amazing new gluten free granola by Nature’s Path. It is cashew butter and coconut and it is my crack!) See – wasn’t that easy? Now who’s going to Costco tomorrow?!
  • Is this a real job? Guys. Let’s not even go there. But I will if we have to. I’ve heard a lot of ways people get paid and this is the least surprising! (Worm picker, professional bridesmaid or funeral mourner, ostrich babysitter …)
  • I’m not a beauty product person! Phew neither am I! I used to feel the same way. And my toddler started to get sick of my using her body wash as my personal face wash. Generally, I’m a tint skin and mascara lady. Okay, and Twig lipstick …. I’m getting hooked! But do you use shampoo, soap or lotion? Well, that’s a beauty prouct. We’re on a mission to educate and move the needle towards health protection on an industry for men, women and children.

What’s holding you back? Let’s jump in!



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