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I thought it was time I told some of my story again for those of you who don’t know why I am so passionate about safer beauty and kicking toxic chemicals to the curb.

My story dates back to the beginning of time. Just kidding. But close! Most of my life I had been “sickly”. Poor immune system, low energy, chronic infections, and a terrible stomach. Fast-forward 20 some years and the same history repeated itself but worse.

After having spent a few years in quite a clean country (toxin-wise!), the Netherlands, we moved across the pond to the USA. My decline was swift and powerful. I had a great job, a relaxed home life on university campus, recreational and social fulfillment. But I started to get sick. Very sick. My hair was falling out. I was losing weight. I had multiple rounds of thrush (common for HIV and cancer patients). No energy whatsoever. Everything hurt. The doctors in the US gave me round after round of treatments which made my unknown condition worse. I was so glad to finally be going home to Canada where I could do a full investigation.

After trips to the ER, tests and specialists, I was referred to a chronic illness doctor. Before I could dawn her doors, we had to remove all toxic-chemicals from our home and personal care routines for six weeks. Yup – she needed to separate the load on my body: what was environment and what was actual illness? The specialist – a medical doctor – knew the impact of fragrance, laundry detergent and foundation (known toxic chemicals) on health.

However, during this time, I also learnt the downfall of my health food store make up and beauty products. Oh how it failed me. I felt like I was rubbing organic coconut oil on my face for foundation and that I smelled like an overzealous hippie. Albeit safe, it did not perform.

As I started to get well, I slowly let my toxin-laden products back into my skin care routine. It was a slippery slope.

But then …. BeautyCounter. Some of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers with similar medical conditions to mine started recommending and reviewing these products. Then my BFF was like, “Hop on it!” Rachael always informs me and inspires me to live healthier and better.

I finally tried BeautyCounter. I was in love. A safe product that actually performed!

So why did I join? I was open to options, but I didn’t know how something so entrepreneurial and flexible could fit around “everything”. And essentially not interfere with my priorities: a.k.a my family.

But I had to do it. I felt like my story and my pain had purpose.

But I had to do it. I felt like my story and my pain had purpose. Our toxic world had made me sick and I didn’t even know how huge my proucts played into it. The mission and the relationship-based business was the main attraction for me. Not to mention a high performing product!

I was hooked. My mentor and now sweet friend and business partners, Tara (@topknotmommy) coached me with how to reach my goals. I started with a small kit because I’m not a risk taker … or I should say my husband isn’t … and I wanted to prove I could do it. Not to mention when we we’re trying to save money, investing money felt risky! I earned everything back and more my first month.

Honestly, my life and scheduled didn’t change that much. I was still meeting with women: sharing stories, meeting for coffee, sharing dreams and toddler tantrums, hang outs at the gym and cries on the phone. I was doing life and my story is part of my life. But I had a renewed purpose and passion apart from my day today. One that impacted my home (and our bottom line) and my community.

Fast-forwarded again, I went to director in three months. I’m building a business, a home and my community. I’m currently working on a full-time contract as a Multimedia Designer and every day I can’t wait for my lunch break and bedtime so I can do the job I love – and do my own business my own way. (On a financial note, I make more money in my own business then my less-soul fulfilling contract). It is work, work has a different tune when it’s something you love.

And this is Why I Chose BeautyCounter.


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