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I haven’t provided a single pregnancy update with Baby #3 and I know a few of you have been curious about:

1) How this pregnancy differs from the others

2) How I try to stay active and healthy

Comparison. In some ways, this pregnancy feels like this easiest so far. But let’s remember – I’m only 16 weeks in! Pregnancy #1 was the worst morning sickness-wise and also I had ALL the pregnant symptoms. Migraines, light headedness, aversions to everything, acne, congestion … just to name a few. However, after the first trimester I felt physically the best. Energy for intense workouts, fewer naps – I just felt really great as a pregnant lady! Delivery #1 was the best simply due to it being uncomplicated and no recovery required. Pregnancy #2 was hard for various reasons: morning sickness, low energy, shingles, swelling. Lots of my symptoms didn’t disappear second trimester and I had all the CRAVINGS! I don’t know why I don’t consider this pregnancy the worst, but it my mind it just didn’t compare to the awful first trimester with #1!

Pregnancy #3? I was the most tired this time around, but was able to ease some nausea with a few supplements and medication. I took a high dosage of magnesium and a powerful probiotic alongside other supplements. I also took Plexus’ pink drink which balances blood sugar levels which is a huge nausea prevention factor. (No – I don’t sell Plexus. But they definitely understand the importance gut health has on the entire body.)

Staying Healthy with Pregnancy #3

This is easier said than done when you have a two little ones (aged 1 and 3). This is where imperfect activity, trumps perfect inactivity. When you drop the ball, just keep going.

  1. Exercise.Delivery is one of the greatest marathons of your life. Staying active will help with delivery and make you feel better in general!
  • Gym.I go to the gym three times a week over my lunch break. My workouts aren’t as long, intense or frequent, but I do two weight bearing classes a week and one high-intensity cardio. (I obviously did very little exercise first trimester because I couldn’t keep my eyes open!)
  • Squats. At my office, my colleagues and I do “squat o’clock” twice a day. Squats are important for pregnancy. Keep moving!
  • Walking. I often get off the bus 1-2 stops early just to fit in a bit of a walk
  1. Rest. I haven’t been getting to bed as early as I would like, so I know I need to make this a priority where I can. I can’t nap these days as I’m working full time, but hitting the hay earlier or reading a book are important soul activities!
  2. Food.Wow. With #2 and #3 I have craved hard core. Luckily, Spicy Lemongrass soup from Freshii, salads, and nectarines have been some of my cravings. But … sea salt chips, chocolate covered raisins and sour jube-jubes have been equally desire. “Moderation in everything – including moderation.” My appetite has been the most intense with this pregnancy – eek. I feel so hungry, so often!
  • Kombucha. I know some people feel kombucha is taboo while pregnant, but it helps my gut.
  1. Skin care. Within 26 seconds, toxic chemicals are absorbed into our blood stream. Exercise and healthy eating are important, but neglecting what we put on our bodies is equally important to mom and baby. The toxic load on a baby occurs in utero with toxic chemicals like BPA and parabens being found in cord blood … just to name 2 out of 200 toxins found in umbilical cord blood.
  1. Supplements. Here are a few of the supplements I’m taking:
  • Plexus: Probiotic, Slim, Bio Cleanse, Omegas, Xfactor
  • Pregnavite
  • Vitamin D
  • Folic Acid
  • Digestive enzymes

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates: cravings, bump pics, and the joys of three kids!


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