It’s crazy how with a third baby (and mothers who have many more I’m sure this increases ten fold!) you don’t have time to take note of everything the same way you do with your first or second. Some days, I see myself in window and I’m like “oh right! I’m pregnant!’. Which is a good thing I guess not to be too consumed. But I’m trying to relish this pregnancy as it could be my last – which is easier said than done with two other little beans at your feet! This pregnancy feels dreadfully slow at times and frightfully quick at others. 


  • I have a bump
  • I’m tired
  • My belly button looks insane

Appointment update

  • I love having a midwife. We discussed a little more in detail about what a hospital birth might look like. I’m not familiar with labouring in a hospital and the prospect is unnerving. Whereas lots of people have to convince themselves, “Women have babies at home every day!”, I’ve have to convince myself,  “Women have babies in hospitals every day!”.

Make up obsession

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now


  • I really want to paint the nursery in the next month. EEK! (White. Obviously.)

One thing I did for myself this week

  • I have a side hustle which I love (BeautyCounter) and I love getting to meet other inspiring women and creatives. My girl @topknotmommy and I had a blast hosting a meet up for all of us boss babes to have wine (or iced tea!), cheese and nibbles. It was so great to connect with my community and enjoy doing something I love.  We chatted safer beauty, the lack of regulation in the industry, how this business has changed our lives, flexible work schedules and the awesome tribe rising up to make waves in the market place. 
  • And an amazing photoshoot collab with Amy of Modern Nest Photography 
  • I aim for three gym workouts a week. I wish I had time for power walks in the morning or evenings, but that just isn’t an option right now. I try walk more when I can and fit in squats throughout my day!
  • Nectarines
  • Salty snacks: salt and pepper pistachios, kale chips … all salt!
  • Tarte yogurt
  • Sweet things. I don’t love cakes or candies. I always regret my choices when I have something horribly sweet.
  • I don’t love meat or animal protein. I still eat it, but definitely don’t miss it.
  • I can’t remember with Baby #1, but Baby #2 was by far my most active baby. This one could still be a busy one, but so far, not as much kicking as the last. (And yes, #2 is just as much of a firecracker in the womb as out of the womb!)
  • My tailbone doesn’t hurt yet. Yay!
  • I had Braxton hicks with Baby #2 at about 19 weeks. No Braxton hicks yet!

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