When it comes to reducing toxins in the home, I’m slowly cutting out disposable food storage and plastics. This includes tinfoil, plastic wrap, and plastic baggies. Why eliminate plastic wrap?

  • Health. BPA, PVC and LDPE and known endocrine disruptors linked to breast cancer in women and low sperm count in men. When plastic wrap and baggies are used, these toxins can leach into our food. (Source)
  • Plastic are not biodegradable. Despite what we learnt in grade three, our world is non-renewable. Plastics harm our eco-systems – every, single, one!
  • Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves (British saying folks, British).
  • Plastic wrap isn’t effective in keeping food fresh. When you use a beeswax wrap, like Abeego, it keeps food fresher longer. It breathes. Like a lemon peel, onion skin and cheese rind.

Why do I love Abeego? I’ll list the most obvious reasons first: they are pretty and they smell good. Like beeswax. Just kidding – albeit true. I love my wraps because they can be used on strange shapes and actually stay put. Take my papaya addiction for example. The perfect way to wrap it up and store it in my fridge without using a random huge containers or have plastic wrap slip and slide.

I also love Abeego for on the go. I have used it religious lately as to wrap my sandwiches or to create a little baggie for grapes. I hate wasting plastic bags and I think the option to make my own “baggie” is revolutionary.

Abeego is easy to clean – either with a warm cloth or with non-abrasive soap. Just wipe, rinse, air dry and reuse.

You also know I am a proud Canadian and I love that this product is hand crafted in Canada. Supporting industry shakers and wave makers is something I take pride in. Abeego is based in Victoria, BC. What’s more? Free shipping across Canada! (#yougotmeatfreeshipping!)

Go to my Instagram (@merrygolden_) feed to enter giveaway for a variety pack of Abeego wraps for you and your family.


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