29 Weeks Pregnant

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Dress c/o Poppy and Dot  / Glasses / Lipstick / Bracelet

Today I received some “disappointing” news. I have gestational diabetes. To some this might not be a big deal. For me, it definitely hurt my heart. A lot. Why me? What did I do wrong? I’ll answer lots of these questions on the blog soon. But my God is a good father. In the pain He brings comfort and peace. I will not let “this” steal my joy – as this pregnancy and this child is a precious gift and they are His first. 

A few quick answers about gestational diabetes:

  • This does not mean you will have diabetes forever. You have an increased risk of diabetes later in life, but this isn’t a death sentence.
  • Diabetes does not cause your baby to have downsydrome, lower IQ, or mental retardation.
  • Your baby can be a normal birth weight or chunky, depending on how controlled the diabetes is. If you eat ice cream 3 times a day, the odds are higher of a huge baby.
  • There are risks. Yes. Preeclampsia is one of them.
  • You can be fit and healthy and eat a low sugar / low carb diet and still have gestational diabetes

“So what can you do to prevent or stop insulin resistance and GDM from developing? There seems to be this myth floating around that fit and healthy women don’t get GDM, and unfit or unhealthy women are probably going to have GDM. It’s false. In pregnancy, insulin resistance is mostly caused by an increase in pregnancy hormones (hormones produced by the placenta). The hormones are thought to reduce the effect of insulin on the cell, as well as redu cing the response of the cell to insulin. While keeping yourself healthy can reduce your risk, there is nothing that can stop your cells developing insulin resistance from the hormones made by the placenta. Although there appear to be some risk factors which could increase the chance developing Gestational Diabetes (for example, age, ethnicity, weight, personal or family history of diabetes,  or some hormone-related conditions such as PCOS), there are many women who develop insulin resistance and GDM who do not show any risk factors. In short, you just can’t control how your cells respond to your pregnancy hormones.”

For more information, read this link here: http://birthwithoutfearblog.com/2013/06/24/the-truth-about-gestational-diabetes-and-why-its-not-your-fault/


  • Lots more kicking!
  • Braxton hicks in the evenings

Appointment Update

  • There will be lots of appointment updates. Baby is currently sunny side up and I was diagnosed with GDB. I start chiropractic treatment this week and will probably 3 times a week until baby is born to ensure optimal position and address my quirky, stiff tail bone.

Make Up Obsession

  • Eyebrow pencils. Colour those bad boys in. It doesn’t have to look fake or crazy dramatic. But a lightly filled in brow totally makes your face pop! (I use medium)

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now

  • I ordered some size medium dresses from Old Navy. Oh man. What sweet relief. It’s like undoing your top button after thanksgiving. I love anything with stripes – obvi.


  • On the MAJOR back burner. But @huntedhomegoods and I might have something up our sleeves ….

One thing I did for myself this week

  • I’ve been reading “the Originals” in the evenings and totally enjoying this.


  • Mondays and Fridays – weights
  • Tuesday and Thursdays – spin
  • Weekends – hikes or family excursions
  • All the squats …. My legs are so sore haha


  • Smoothies
  • Fruit
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit
  • Smoothies
  • Quinoa
  • Smoothies
  • Lentils
  • Fruit
  • Carrots and hummus
  • (OH – and the best breakfast I have EVER had from Little Brick!)


  • Strong onions
  • Raw, cruciferous vegetables


  • This pregnancy is a mix of #1 and #2!

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