As a soon-to-be mom of three, I have definitely learnt to cut myself some slack. While homemade is still my 80% (ok … 75% these days), I like to have healthy alternatives on hand. With winter in full swing –  the fun of snow and rosie cheeks – I love incorporating traditions from my childhood. 

Growing up, after spending time shovelling, sledding, and general fun in the great outdoors, my mom would surprise us with homemade hot chocolate and cookies as a special treat. The girls don’t get these goodies every day after being outside, but the holidays are coming and it’s fun to relish in the season! 

This past week I “cheated” with BabyGourmet Shakers. I’m able to sneak in pumpkin, 24+ vitamins and 7 grams of protein (per bottle) into their hot chocolate to turn it into a more nutrient dense snack. Grab a pot, pour in the vanilla Shaker, toss in a tablespoon of cocoa, crank up the heat and let the hot chocolate simmer. Top up some cute mugs with the wintery drink and serve with cookies!

Shakers come in two flavours – chocolate and vanilla – but I like to keep vanilla on hand for when I run out of milk (ask my neighbour … this happens a lot …). Add it to smoothies, waffles, cereal and baking. You could easily heat up the chocolate flavour, but I also love the punch of fresh cocoa.

Facts About BabyGourmet Shakers

  • Made with 80% organic whole milk, not a blend of water, sugar, milk protein concentrates, soy protein etc. 
  • Only 7 ingredients 
  • Certified organic
  • Contain 24+ vitamins, and provide 7g of protein per bottle.
  • Designed for kids aged 1-10 years of age

What are some winter traditions from your childhood?






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