Mini Boden – Fun Fashion Finds

As I highlighted Boden as a favourite Women’s clothing brand in this post here, I also wanted to highlight their children’s line as well. If you didn’t catch the last post, Boden is  an online clothing shop with a strong presence in the UK. They have a fun, polished, swinging-sixties feel, with bold patterns, quality fabrics and classic designs.

When dressing my toddler, I prioritize Boden patterned tights and appliqué dresses… and ornate onesies …. and nonsensical “winter shorts” … Okay – you caught me. I love it all!

Little H and I enjoyed some time at one of our (my …) favourite coffee shops here in Calgary, Phil and Sebastian’s, where I was able to snap a few shots of her in her Boden getup.

 What are you favourite styles for kids? Share your comments below!