Bumpdate – Pregnancy – Week 18&19

Pregnancy – Week 18&19:

19 weeks pregnant

This week’s life update: 

 Funny story: I had my midwife appointment during week 18. I was expressing my concern and sensitivity toward having gained “so much” weight (I am currently 7 lbs away from my total weight gain last pregnancy) and consequently my fear of delivering a 50 lbs baby. To comfort me, my midwife explained that weight gain can often come on sooner with second pregnancies and tapper off. She also pointed out, “…and, you ARE older.” EXCUSE ME? Hehe. It is true. I just wasn’t ready to hear that since I just bought a “Wild Soul” tank top from H&M.

 Belly button – out or in: half and half. I can “fold it” and push it back in.

Stretch marks: none. I am starting to up my zinc to 10 mg. I had no idea this could help! I didn’t have any stretch marks my last pregnancy, but with my rapid weight gain this pregnancy, who knows! Did you know, “Zinc is one of the few remedies that have actually been proven to prevent the development of stretch marks.”? Note: too much zinc is toxic, so ensure you talk to your midwife or OB! (My pregnancy vitamin only has 3.67 mg.) This is a common practice in Australia to maintain zinc levels. (And yes – genetics DO play a significant role in the stretch marks department. But zinc can lessen the severity if that is that case.)

Sleep: Not an issue at this point. I love sleep. Love. Love. Love.

Emotions: I am so emotional about my 20 month old Honey-Bee. I go into her bedroom (at least) 4 times before I go to bed to rub her back and just stare at her. She’s growing up too fast!

What I miss: Pants. I am very picky about maternity pants. I can’t handle when anything is tight on my stomach so I like pants that sit below the bump. (Fact: I literally wore overalls from grades 5-7. How liberating. Maybe I just need some maternity overalls.)

What I am looking forward to: Mother’s Day 🙂

Maternity clothes: H&M


  • Steak (after having to dash off the train and throw up my lunch, I do not want to see steak for a LONG time)
  • Mini eggs 
  • Dark chocolate with sea salt
  • Raspberries


  • Onions
  • Pickles
  • Garlic
  • Steak


  • Allergy season is in full swing


  • Second trimester migraines 🙁
  • My immune system was very strong when I was pregnant with my first.
  • My belly button is starting to poke out. It just stretched sideways last time!

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