Bumpdate – Pregnancy – Week 20&21

Pregnancy – Week 20&21

As one of my goals has been to try and maintain my fitness level during pregnancy, I aim to attend a class 2-3 times per week. This week, due to my overzealous jumping-spilt-squat-plié, my gym attendance was limited to two times. You see, I find lots of the floor work difficult when I’m pregnant because when my head is down or bobbling too much, I get really dizzy (example: mountain climbers). In order to make up for this deficit, my dancer spirit comes alive in jumps, splits and pliés that are higher and larger than anyone else in the class – pregnant or otherwise (competitive?). But did you know, relaxin is in produced in excess when you’re expecting? I think my hips are still disconnected from my body and I hate to admit that this body is getting older and that I am getting more pregnant. Luckily, skipping my third gym class resulted in a successful nesting trip to Ikea – minus locking my keys in the car.

20 weeks

Jeans (H&M) similar | Shoes  similar | Jacket similar | Ice Cream 

This week’s life update: 

Is it strange to say that I don’t really like the early baby kicks? I mean, I like feeling the baby and having the reality set in that there will be a new member joining our ranks, however, these early kicks feel more like tickles to me. Or goldfish. Which leads me to my aversion of eating fish and that I have fish swimming in my stomach …. Odd? I know. I can’t wait for those nice strong kicks where I can feel an arm or foot – not just flutters! 

21 weeks

Shirt | Nail polishBracelets similar | White jeans similar

 Belly button – out or in: Still undecided about where it wants to be.

Stretch marks: None to date.

Gender prediction: Girl 

Sleep: Is heavenly …

Emotions: Strong. In all directions.

What I miss: Is it bad if I say red wine?

What I am looking forward to: Red wine. And mojitos.

Maternity clothes: Can’t wait for my zulily.com Madeleine maternity dress to arrive! (Update: dress arrived. I would say it fits snug. I ordered a small but would definitely have preferred a medium.)

To dos: Book chiro appointment.

Paleo update: I have been lucky that I can handle quite a lot of dairy while pregnant. This makes my diet quite primal – other than my insane ice cream cravings which have lots of refined sugar … I also enjoy some cheese, greek yogurt here and there and a dollop of whipped cream on my coffee (confession – whenever I visit my parents, I have a coffee with whipped cream. I think I go there every day for a “visit” hehe).  I am still almost 100% gluten free and mostly grain free. Yesterday, I was tired and had some gluten free cereal and a bite of Hazel’s gluten free muffin, or even picked up gluten free pizzas. When I don’t feel like eggs, I might also choose to have some oatmeal. But this is the exception not the rule. If I am truly reflective, with the amount of coffee, dairy, gluten free, and refined sugar foods in my diet, I am probably at a 60/40 ratio. And that’s perfectly okay. 

“Among the many defining – and practical – tenets of the Primal Blueprint is the good old 80/20 Principle, the guideline that suggests we needn’t be 100% perfect 100% of the time to achieve great Primal health. It’s the sensible caveat, a functional motivator, the saving grace for many of us. It means we don’t guilt ourselves (or hand down punishing cardio sentences) when we indulge on a special occasion or get caught in circumstances that don’t allow for fully Primal conditions. It means shedding the traditional view of a “diet” and exercise program as a select list of actions we either ace or bomb. As I’ve said many a time, the PB doesn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. Finally, the 80/20 Principle encourages us to wholly own every choice and respect the impact of our total lifestyle within our personal Primal commitments.” – Mark’s Daily Apple


  • Village icecream
  • Ikea organization
  • Gardening
  • Pinterest


  • Cooking, cleaning and skipping nap time.
  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Onions


  • I feel the baby move sooner
  • My skin is much clearer in the second trimester


  • My nesting instinct is insanely strong. Seriously. I am crazy. I just want to Pinterest, paint and putter. 


  1. Jacquelene
    May 22, 2015 / 8:41 am

    I love reading your bumpdates! I’m 22 weeks pregnant with my second little one and am feeling SO the same way. Not really enjoying the little flutters and am in full fledged nesting/ gardening mode. You are so much more ambitious than I in regards to fitness though- I think lifting myself up after squatting down to pick something up off the floor as an amazing feat of strength! Good for you- such an inspiration!

    • Merry Golden
      May 25, 2015 / 6:35 pm

      Jacquelene – I have so many pregnancy “twins” right now. It is SUCH fun! Trust me, my ambition is dwindling and I am learning to listen to my body even more than last pregnancy. I fell asleep watching Masterchef Canada the other night – at 8:30! It’s time to make sleep a priority!! Thanks for reading and sharing 🙂

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