This week’s life update:

38 weeks pregnant last summer days

swollen feet - 39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant - at least my nails are done

September 10 has come and gone. That was the date I was encouraging my Baby to evacuate its premises. However, no signs of labour coming soon. I am not going to lie, a few of my friends who are due AFTER me (even into October) have already given birth. I am feeling slightly cheated! At least my nails are done and my toddler and I are enjoying some dates together.

**Update** I gave birth September 19, 2015 to a beautiful baby girl. Birth story to follow.

Gender prediction: Boy – based on the fact that the acupuncturist told me upon entering the room, “Oh my, that big baby boy!”.

Movies: This week, I watched a cute Netflix movie called, “Arranged“. It was a about an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim woman who befriend one another and form a lovely friendship based on their seemingly opposite similarities during their first year as teachers at a New York school.

Baby names: We have a short list!

Sleep: My toddler has been rising earlier now that she has transitioned to her big girl bed. She has also gone from a three hour afternoon nap to a two hour afternoon nap. Her change in sleep schedule has affected mine. However, I have slept in our freshly renovated basement the past week and it has helped improve my sleep considerably!

What I miss: Wearing cute ballet flats. My feet are currently flippers.

What I am looking forward to: Slowing life down (is it even possible to slow it down even more?) to invite this new Babe into our home. I look forward to more arts and crafts at home with Hazel and less running around. I know it will be a hard transition (there is so much freedom with one afternoon nap with a toddler!), but it will be good for me, my family, and my blog, to spend a little more time at home.

Maternity clothes: I should scrap this section. My husband’s old t-shirts and soccer shorts. With Fall weather blowing in, I am running out of clothing options. This babe better come soon. Thoughts of fashion are out the window!

Aches and pains update (a.k.a. complaining): 

  • Swollen feet
  • My Braxton Hicks are not painful. However, I feel like my stomach stays in Braxton Hicks mode for an extended period of time where my stomach doesn’t actually loosen – it remains a hard round ball and it makes my movements limited!
  • My tail bone aches. Sometimes I have back cramping, mostly in the evenings, which makes think I could be in labour. But to my dismay, simply back cramping.
  • Congested nose. Like the first trimester, my nose is congested whenever I lay down. I had a massage today, and I could barely breathe and therefore my massage was slightly less enjoyable.
  • Picket fence pain or “crotch lightening”

 Nesting: Not much by way of nesting these days. I am mostly trying to sleep and keep the house clean. 

Stretch marks: None to date.

Workouts: I skipped the gym this past week due to nice weather and hubby being off work. Instead, Hazel and I enjoyed a few “wogs”. 


  • Dried mango
  • Salted carmel gluten free cookies

To dos: 

  • Put my swollen feet up.
  • Nap.
  • Wait for baby.
  • Plus a billion other things I am choosing to ignore based on the fact that my BFF said she would help me address some of my quirks when she gets here. Just call me OCD.

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