Baby Gourmet and meal time rituals www.merrygolden.comBaby Gourmet and meal time rituals www.merrygolden.comIMG_6433 Baby Gourmet and meal time rituals Baby Gourmet and meal time rituals    Baby Gourmet and meal time rituals www.merrygolden.comBaby Gourmet and meal time rituals

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I have an extremely picky eater. My two year old has always been quite particular about texture and food. I’ve often blamed myself for her poor habits. I didn’t sit down to eat many meals with her and I much preferred to eat on my own as a parenting break. We travelled a lot during the vital food introduction months, so I bought a lot of convenience foods, pouches, and general snacks.

My second born, the adventurous child and eater, will eat anything that is placed in front of her. Unless it is too bland, like avocado. Lamp cords, crumbs on the floor, curry – you name it, she’ll eat it. How on earth did I get too very different eaters?

I’m sure part of it is temperament and personality, but I believe the other missing piece was the lack of a family meal culture. My husband and I have made a lot of changes to combat any habits that foster Lil’ Miss picky eater.

  • We/I eat breakfast and dinner with the girls. I often don’t eat lunch with the girls because I (still!) like to enjoy my lunch in peace and quiet; without the rush of an impending naptime. I feel like two meals a day was a good compromise.
  • Fruit and veggies as snacks. Unless we go out somewhere, like the lake days, farm or other field trips. We get to have special treats like juice boxes, pouches, popcorn, etc. when we are on field trips. Or Costco. Which is a field trip in my mind!
  • No snacks right before meals. I’m allowed to say no as a parent. Easier said than done! But building in patience (for both parent and child!) is allowed!
  • No short order cook. I don’t make two meals. We all eat the same thing or you can wait until the next meal. #firstworldproblems

But here’s the rub. Being a mom is tiring. Sometimes I just can’t puree enough food, shop for enough fresh groceries and tackle enough meal prep to be on top of everything. This is where grace comes in.

I’ve loved being able to give the girls Baby Gourmet when we are out visiting friends, hiking in Canmore, or swimming at the lake. The pouches still maintain and compliment my fruit and veggie snack rule, and my “picky eater” is also very willing to experiment with new flavours. Like “Gingery Pear, Spinach & Whole Grains” and“Beetberry Squoosh”:. (Did I mention the pink packaging is definitely an incentive? Mom of girls, am I right?) I’ve loved being able to give myself some slack because I can only do so much “perfectly”. (Reality check, I can’t do anything perfectly. I’m now just working on imperfect but important priorities. A whole other blog post in and of itself!)

Toddler H’s Top 3

Beetberry Squoosh

  • Have you ever tried to feed a picky eater beets before? Enough said.
  • Gingery Pear, Spinach & Whole Grains
  • I love that this exposed Toddler H’s pallet to something she would normally consider spicy!
  • Coconut, Kiwi & Mangosteen With Quinoa
  • This smelled AMAZING. I’m allergic to bananas, but if I could choose one, this would be it. Therefore, I am living vicariously.

Baby A’s Top 3

Fruity Chicken And Brown Rice

  • Tangy, gluten free and dairy free.
  • Devoured in five seconds. Like bowl-licked-clean-crying-for-more gone. 

Fruity Greens Mushies

  • My life saver. Baby A gets so “hangry” that I need something to calm her down while I prepare food or find a somewhere to nurse. One package can pacify two emergencies …
  • My all time favourite. Love, love, love. My two year old will also snack on a few Mushies in r desperation. #winning

Apple Spinach Oatmeal

About Baby Gourmet

As you know, I love highlighting #mombosses. The founders of Baby Gourmet are a sister duo raising tribes of their own. Not much different from you and me! Jennifer Carlson and Jill Vos started Baby Gourmet in their home kitchen after seeing a lack of quality, interesting, and ultimately, appealing food in the grocery store aisles. They   launched Baby Gourmet 2006 right here in Calgary, Canada at the Calgary Farmer’s market. Ten years later, their organic baby (and toddler!) food line is available across North America.

Little known facts about Baby Gourmet

  • Safe for air travel. You can carry baby food on the plane during travel, as it is one of the only approved liquids for carry-on travel.
  • Nut free. The facilities where Baby Gourmet is made are completely nut-free. Very important in our allergy-laden home.
  • Giving back. Baby Gourmet donated over 660,000 meals across North America and will continue to provide support to our community. #proudtobecanadian


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  1. Tanaya morrison
    July 26, 2016 / 7:11 am

    Love love love baby gourmet! So many of the other brands of baby food have ingredients that just don’t work for our family whether it be allergies or ingredients I’m not a fan of. Loving the fruit/veggie snack rule!!! Might have to give that a try…. For myself as well as the girls 😉

  2. Ashley
    July 26, 2016 / 8:33 am

    My kiddos love these too!
    I had no idea they were made in Calgary. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  3. July 26, 2016 / 9:46 am

    Your photos are beautiful! These look delic!

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