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Winter has lingered around far too long around these parts. We’ve had to get creative with how we spend our days. I love summer – walks, BBQs, bare feet, bonfires – so when winter has shown its face a little too long, I take a page from the Danes and use this time of year to channel my inner “hygge”(pronounced hoo-ga).

I’ve loved reading the “Little Book of Hygge – the Danish way to live well”. Did you know the Danish rank as one of the happiest people groups in the world? There has to be something to learn from them if they are so stinkin’ happy. I think it is because they love sweet things like cinnamon buns and candy – but there is probably more to it!

Here’s how to recreate a few steps of “hygge” in your own home:

  • Candles. Yes. Atmosphere is a big deal for the Danes. And don’t you agree that candles simply add that extra bit of cozy and ambience that makes you want to linger? And add them at breakfast and lunch – not simply dinner! 

(Fun fact: More than half of Danes light candles almost every day during Autumn and winter. And 31% of Danes light more than five candles at a time! Another fun fact? Each Dane burns around 6 kg of candle wax a year!)

  • Togetherness. Gather a few friends. Apparently the most “hygge” amount of people for a social gathering is 3-5. So invite the neighbors over and share in community and relationship!
  • Food and drink. Hot drinks like tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine or coffee are part of a hygge atmosphere. However, I’m a red wine or scotch gal in the evenings. So put on a hearty stew and pour some wine! (We love the Pioneer Women’s stew here.)
  • Clothing. When it comes to Denmark, casual is key. My hubby’s style is definitely on the casual yet cultured-side. He likes some trendy sneakers, a good watch and a fitted jacket. His wooden JORD watch is definitely equal doses of casual, functional and style – and suits him just right.

The Danish also love scarves. All the scarves. This is a must for women and men in Denmark. Add some layers, some neutrals like black and even some flamboyant grey if you’re feeling a little crazy. You can’t hygge if you’re cold so slippers and sweaters are key to my hygge-wear.

  • Home. Home is the hygge headquarters in Denmark. Our living room is our comfy space. Fireplace, blankets, throw cushions (give me all the pillows – amen?!) and comfy seating.

Relax. Light a candle. Sit back and enjoy some hygge until Spring rolls around. In the mean time, enter my giveaway below  Every person who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! You can put it towards a men’s or women’s cool watch!

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