Dresses c/o Maple and Leigh // Ice cream c/o Made by Marcus // Tara’s Necklace // Lipstick // Blush // Tint Skin // Mascara

I’m pretty lucky to sprinkle some fun into this full season of balancing lots of  moving parts. Part of that fun? Photoshoots with friends (and business partners!). What fun collaborating with Heima Photography (she is a family, maternity, newborn, wedding – you name it – photographer.) and Topknotmommy, Tara.

We had the opportunity to eat some ice cream, bounce Breanne’s sweet baby girl, chat and get creative. #connectingismylovelanguage I love the community we have here. Moms, makers, movers and shakers.

Note: In these pics I am 25 weeks pregnant. I think…

Symptoms: Tired. But this would be the case even if I weren’t pregnant at the moment. Come mid-September, I am intentionally slowing down and taking on less.

Appointment update: I need to make an appointment for my gestational diabetes test and some blood work. Whoops. I was supposed to have this done already … but #thirdbabies. I didn’t do this test with my first born as I didn’t have as much weight gain, I was younger, etc. But this time around, I will do it.

Make up obsession: Volumizing mascara and fig lip gloss for fall

Favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: Anything from Maple and Leigh, but specifically the Carlyle dress.

Nursery: This needs to come off the list until October.

One thing I did for myself this week: I don’t think much “me time” has happened the past couple of weeks. I did nap this weekend which was very necessary.

Workouts: Weigh lifting twice a week and mini spin class twice a week. And obviously squat o’clock.

Cravings: All kinds of savoury quinoa salads. Loving Oh She Glows currently.

Aversions: Raw onions.


  • Gaining weight steadily like pregnancy #2
  • Little tail bone pain
  • No cramping or Braxton hicks like #2
  • Enjoying pregnancy more like pregnancy #1

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