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I’m not someone who wears eyeshadow on the daily. But when I do wear eyeshadow, I want to have the best options and I want them organized. (Yup – my husband’s German influence!). I also love having the option to feel dressed up. One thing I’ve learnt during these tiring mothering years is you fake it till you make it. Shower, get dressed, do your hair and a touch of make up. If I stay in my sweats all day physically, I will often stay there mentally. Self-care starts with making myself a priority – even when very present needs are vying for my attention.

Moreover, I love getting my Christmas shopping done early. With family and friends abroad, my goal is often to have all gifts in the mail by the first week of November. I also like having hostess gifts and gifts to simply bless those who dawn our doors over the Christmas season. And a little pampering goes a long way! Over the next  few days, I will be posting some of my faves for you all to try and how they fit into my life!

(Beware: These are limited edition sets and will sell out quickly!)

Why I Love this Ultimate Nudes Palette

  • Organized in trios (from left to right): plum browns, neutral nudes, silvers, golden nudes and warm siennas. On the end, you have charcoal which is an eyeliner, cashmere which works as an all over highlighter, and egg shell which is a primer for your eye.
  • Removable mirror
  • Double ended brush
  • Works on all skin tones!
  • Price: US $88 ($116 value) / CAD $108 ($150 value)

How to Wear Three Shades Together  (one of my fave looks!)

  • Canyon to go into out corner which is matte
  • Rich Bronzevin the centre and inner corner
  • Cashmere as highlighter
  • Charcoal to line the eye
  • AND to take it to an evening look, put a metallic on top.  I love Gilded! Put it right in the middle of the eyelid as it lifts and brightens the eye.

What it’s Safer

As always, we ban over 1,500 toxic chemicals at BeautyCounter. We provided top performing products, while never compromising on safety. We third-party test each batch of color cosmetics for heavy metals and often have zero or “no detect” levels. Our allowable limits are below even the most health-protective standards in the world. (And every, single ingredient is listed. Nothing is hidden.)

Are you looking to swap some products over but a) don’t know where to start, b) don’t have the finances and/or c) don’t yet have a beauty/skin care regime? I’m here to help! Message me and I will help you navigate on all three levels.


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