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If you asked me ten months ago if I thought my job would have provided so much fulfillment, passion and income – I wouldn’t have had an answer. In ten months, I’ve grown a community, gathered voices, used a latent skill set and ignited a passion that I didn’t know had as much fire as it does.

I didn’t know I could replace an income, I didn’t know I could still be at home with my kids, I didn’t know I could connect with so many hearts and stories, or be involved in senior leadership with such an impactful company.

Ten months.

I even had the opportunity to speak at a recent conference about my love for calling out beauty in the women around me and creating tribes and change. Wow! So, with that, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my boss babe venture.

Do you love what you do?

I love my job. How many people can actually say that? I know I couldn’t before I joined BeautyCounter. And this is a “legit” job? Yes. It is. I used to feel like I had to justify my means to BeautyCounter by qualifying myself with my resume of undergraduate and additional studies as well as previous “credible” work references.

Now? I just own it. What do I do? I work for a safer beauty brand out of Santa Monica. Have you heard of it? We ban over 1,500 toxic chemicals from our personal care while lobbying industry and government for change. We all deserve better. I’m an advocate, educator, mother/wife and entrepreneur. We’re more than a beauty brand.

“I genuinely love what I do and I know what I do can change the live of 36 million people.”

Are you still doing that BeautyCounter thing?

How often do you hear about someone who LOVES their job? The impact? The purpose? The flexibility? The income? People are genuinely curious. Especially in this economy, where it’s a take what you can get, don’t do anything too risky, but make sure you have a back up plan environment – it piques interest. People still ask if this is something I’m “still” doing. Yes. I am and I love it.

It fits into my life. But as my passion has turned into a business, I’ve also chosen to carve out some additional time. Because I can’t fit it all into a coffee date these days! I meet with women on the daily. Coffee shops, preschool drop off, midwifery sessions, Christmas shopping … I’m always in contact with people (even if I’m not always out of the house. Fun fact: I am a MAJOR home body!). 

The movement is why I joined and why I’ve stayed.

Despite everything, I was and am SO attracted to the movement. I want change. I want to look back years from now, when I’m old and grey (but obviously attractive with amazing skin), and tell my kids that I took a stand on an important issue and helped move the needle. That we can use or voices for good or remain silent. I want my voice to be used for issues that matter and one that has hit close to home for us.

The best way to create movement? Numbers. We need more awareness. More voices. More women standing up for change. BPA wasn’t removed from baby bottles in the 1970s until a group of engaged women band together and demanded reform and regulation. So, #letsdothis.

Goals for the new year? Petitions. Writing Parliament on upcoming bills. Meeting with my MP for more follow up.

And if I get paid for my work and action, is that a problem?

But you have a blog. Your reach is probably so much further than mine!

Our stories are told to face to face. You have to connect before you educate or understand what people need or want. My blog is one way interaction. Phone calls and coffee dates are conversation. I’m an avid conversationalist. I love getting to the heart of life and people. The blog? Just my outlet to reflect on life. 

Meeting with ladies over coffee and face masks and toddler tantrums, works outs and detoxes, collaborations and community – all parts of my pursuit of community and desire to raise up voices for change in an unregulated industry. #wealldeservebetter. You can’t do that behind a screen.

Our best product we sell is our opportunity.

Helping people invest in themselves: their health, their finances, their community, their purpose. I often say, I find it easier to present the opportunity to educate with BeautyCounter than to talk about the product (albeit we have AMAZING product) because with the opportunity, I’m putting money back into people’s pockets and they can make a 25-35% commission. I can tell you now, if Tara (@topknotmommy) had not reached out to me, I would not be part of BeautyCounter. She saw beauty in me that I couldn’t see myself. She saw ability and potential that I didn’t know was there. I would not have had the opportunity to make a financial cushion in a season of uncertainty, I would not have found a passion and purpose amidst this young mothering years, and I would not have a tribe, a mentor, and someone I can now call one of my best friend’s by my side. 

Did you have any barriers before you started this business?

Yes. I don’t sell things. So thank God I don’t ever feel like I’m selling. I have the opportunity to educate and advise on a variety of health related products – BeautyCounter and otherwise – as well as remain a student myself. We often get lumped into the “MLM” category. Heck no. I would not work for an MLM. You can buy product at a pop-up shop, flagship store, or online without a consultant. However, we are direct sales brand and we believe our story and mission is best told face to face. We do have a competitive compensation plan, but not one that allows you to make money off some sort of passive scheme.

My barriers were: time, money, sales, husband, etc.

Who is on your team?

People have joined my team to:

  • Change. First and foremost, change in the industry. This is our raison d’être. Our reason for being. We are more than a beauty  brand.
  • Fund other ventures. Whether to start up another business, fund their kids’ activities, create a special savings, or replace a full-time income.
  • Purpose and passion. Whether young mothers where the days are long and the years are short and who desire some other outlet and passion other than tending to the (very important work) of children’s needs, or advanced in years and looking to use  your time with purpose with some extra retirement spending. All for a common good.
  • Discount. Some people join simply to provide a safer product for their friends and family

Have you ever thought about joining me? Are you ready to jump in and be a part of the safer beauty movement? What’s holding you back!







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