What a bout of illness we’ve had around these parts. Coughs, colds, viruses – oh my! I try as hard possible to treat symptoms and infections as naturally as possible, while also being keenly aware of the need for antibiotics. However, my girls had ear infections (and a respiratory virus from hell) so it was time to call in the calvary to get these kids well.

On downside to antibiotics, is that they kill all the good bacteria along with the bad. I have a history of gut imbalance and overuse of antibiotics in my younger years which wrecked havoc on my digestion and general well being. So how do you restore the gut’s balance? A major contributor to offset the imbalance is a probiotic supplement.

Probiotics have been proven to:

  • boost immune system
  • prevent and treat urinary tract infections
  • improve digestive function
  • heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS
  • manage and preventing eczema in children
  • fight food-borne illnesses

When I found BabyGourmet’s Puffies (quinoa puff snack) with 1 billion probiotics per serving, this was quickly added to our  grocery cart! Not only are probiotics beneficial after the use of antibiotics, but also great for preventatively managing gut health. Puffies come in two flavours: cheesy broccoli (which my savoury two-year-old loves!) and strawberry beet (which my more sweet tooth 4-year-old preferred!). 

We’ve been making sure to add lots of cruciferous vegetables, bone broth and real food to our meals, while trying to cut down on sugar which feeds yeast and fungus over growth – which is easier said than done this time of year! With the addition of all the probiotics we can get. This includes plain yogurt, Puffies and a chewable probiotics supplement.

What else do I look for in a snack?

  1. Gluten free – my youngest daughter has sensitive skin and gut. So I try find gluten free snacks which ALSO have nutrients.
  2. Protein – most gluten free products don’t have any protein. Because these are made with superfood quinoa, each serving has 2 grams of protein ( … and fibre … and iron … must I go on?).
  3. Dairy free – no problem! The strawberry beet flavour is dairy free!
  4. Mess free BabyGourmet’s Puffies are easily transportable and mess free.
  5. OrganicBabyGourmet’s ingredients are real and organic. I love that the ladies who started the company were two moms from Calgary who launched at a local farmer’s market! #girlpower
  6. Veggies – The more the merrier. The more veggies I can slip into my kids’ diet the better!
  7. Mama approved – I also like to eat the cheddar and broccoli puffs. I make sure to pack extra for myself!

Where can I get my hands on BabyGourmet products?

Online or instore. Online shopping is my love language and I general use or If you’re looking for BabyGourmet products in-store: Safeway, Loblaws, Superstore, Shopper’s Drugmart and Walmart.




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